Jeremy Nicholas is the director of Talking Toolbox, teaching advanced presentation skills, media training and communication techniques based on his 30 years on TV and radio.


Media Training– How to do the perfect TV, radio and press interview.

Crisis Communications– an advanced session on dealing with hostile and unwelcome media attention.

How to Use Humour In Business – an interactive two hour session on how to be funny and what to avoid.

Telling Tales– a two hour session on corporate storytelling. How to find the stories and how to use them with impact.

What Business Leaders Can Learn From Sport –a two hour workshop based on Jeremy’s years as a BBC sports commentator interviewing greats from the world of sport.

What Are You Talking About? – a 45 minute keynote or 90 minute workshop on the crazy things business speakers do in presentations.



Talking Toolbox coaching sessions can help with: Writing speeches, structuring talks, developing powerful slides, overcoming nerves, delivering with impact, adding humour, coping with tricky questions, and all aspects of talking out loud in front of people.

We know that public speaking is one of the scariest things in the world, after spiders, skyscrapers and circus clowns; so we’ve a range of options to ease you on your speaking journey.

One-to-one sessions are available to help you with any part of the daunting business of speaking; especially creating killer keynotes, delivering like a true professional and adding humour to talks. 

Tickle My Keynote is very popular with speakers who want help with funny lines. Jeremy’s recognised as a leader in this field and is sought out by top international speakers, as well as corporate clients in the UK, to ensure they get laughs onstage. He undertakes commissions to write funny lines into existing speeches.

Annual coaching package – Jeremy takes on six speakers a year and offers them 12 three hour sessions across a year-long period. This is very popular with professional speakers as well as corporate clients who have to speak as part of their job. There is usually a short waiting list for this option.

Jem is a legend. He’s tickled, cajoled and spurred me into action to improve both my keynotes and my marketing, with practical feedback that has very quickly yielded results. He’s a gem to work with and I’ve been recommending him to lots of friends of mine.
Caspar Craven
Round the World Sailor and Professional Speaker

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Whatever you need help with to make you a better speaker, Jeremy can help.