Jeremy Nicholas

Speaker coach, MC & compere, after dinner speaker

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After dinner speaker

I offer after dinner talks on my experiences as a TV and radio broadcaster. 

They are crammed with humorous anecdotes and are suited to sports dinner, business lunches and conferences.

MC & Compere

I host conferences for companies and associations all over the world. 

If you think hiring a professional MC is expensive, try using an amateur and see how costly that can be.

I specialise in awards shows where they want someone funny but can’t quite afford someone famous. 

Speaker coaching

I teach speakers how to be more entertaining and engaging.

I’m on a mission to make the world’s events less boring, by training up all the speakers. It’s tough work but someone has to do it!

Media training

I’m very busy as a poacher turned gamekeeper, teaching business clients what to expect in TV and radio interviews. 

Speaker coach, MC & compere, after dinner speaker

If you’d like to be more entertaining and engaging when speaking in public, sign up for Jeremy’s one day Talking Toolbox Masterclass. It’s at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in London’s West End on 8th September 2017.

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Fun fact

Common misspellings of my name include:

Jeremey Nicholas, Jeremey Nicolas, Jeremey Nicols, Jeremey Nicolls, Jeremey Nichols, Jeremey Nicholls, Jeremy Nicolas, Jeremy Nicols, Jeremy Nicolls, Jeremy Nichols, Jeremy Nicholls.

But the correct way to spell it is Jeremy Nicholas.

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